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Which nonstick surface did you choose?

When our product team decided the coating, we had only the customer in mind. We tried and tested all coatings and chose the best working and most expensive option from a German market leader in non-stick coatings. We had all options on the table and took a close look at pure ceramic coatings, too. We chose the best performing, and also most expensive option. The truth is that even the best pure ceramic coatings keep their non-stick ability for no-longer than 7 months.

Our coating is a 100% PFOA free, ceramically enforced PTFE coating consisting of three layers.

As our coating is so health safe, you can also use it in the oven up to a temperature of 260 degrees Celsius (500 Fahrenheit).

Is your cookware induction compatible?

Yes. Our cookware is designed to work on all stovetops.
The outer layer of steel was chosen to work perfectly on induction stoves.

How can we reach you?

The entire Olav team is there for you. An easy way to reach us is via email: [email protected] You can also contact us via the chat function.

How do I cancel my account?

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Can I send more than one at a time?

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Product Details

What are the exact product dimensions?

We chose the dimensions of our product so that we maximize the bottom surface. That’s why the rims of our pan are relatively steep. So you can use it for every dish. Here are the dimensions:


8" pan -
10" pan -
12" pan -


8" pan -
10" pan -
12" pan -

Long handle

8" pan -
10" pan -
12" pan -


8" pan -
10" pan -
12" pan -

Total Length

8" pan -
10" pan -
12" pan -


2mm thick 5ply construction with a 40% central layer of copper


8" pan -
10" pan -
12" pan -


The entire Olav team is there for you. An easy way to reach us is via email: [email protected] You can also contact us via the chat function.

PRC - Our factory is located on an holiday island just outside Shanghai. Learn more here.

How is your 5-ply copper material constructed?

The most common types of cladded cookware are so called 3-, 5- and 7- Ply constructions. Contrary to popular belief (and due to misleading marketing), the amount of clads does not indicate the quality or performance of a frying pan or cooking pot. Instead, the material, the thickness of each material layer and the overall thickness of the frying pan makes the difference.

In order to incorporate copper, the most advanced material used in cookware today, Olav developed a unique 5-ply material. The central layer is wrapped in two layers of aluminum and outside layers of stainless steel.

Stainless steel - 0.3mm
Aluminum - 0.3mm
Copper - 0.8mm
Aluminum - 0.3mm
Stainless steel- 0.3mm

Therefore, your Olav fry pan has a total of 40% Copper while remaining thin hand handy. Aluminum is an excellent heat conductor and is required to balance the different heat properties of stainless steel and copper.

What makes your copper construction so luxurious?

In the middle of a 5-ply construction is a thick layer of pure copper that makes up 40% of the Olav pan’s thickness. The raw material is exclusively produced for Olav in South Korea, a country known for producing its fine craftmanship. Olav’s construction with a central layer of copper is absolute luxury in the kitchen. It’s the kind of cookware material used by the finest kitchens around the globe. Why?

First, our thick layer of copper goes all the way up to the rim and therefore ensures ideal heat development. This one-piece construction makes our construction extremely long lasting, compared to cookware with an externally attached bottom.

The 5-ply construction provides highest precision at optimal heat retention. Copper conducts heat better than any other cookware material. It allows you to cook precisely, with even heat distribution all the way to the rim. From tofu, steaks to delicate sauces, it’s perfect for whatever you’re cooking. Not enough, copper holds a lot of heat. So, when your tofu or T-bone hits the Olav pan’s surface, a layer of copper ensures it won’t cool down but give you a golden brown result.

Do you have stay cool handles and lid knobs?

Yes. Olav’s handle are designed to stay cool for as long as possible. They are made from stainless steel which conducts heat poorly. The V-Shape of the main handle further prevents heat transfer.

The knob is also made from stainless steel and features an additional heat barrier.

Is there a health risk associated with the non-stick coating?

Against common believe, nonstick coatings are not dangerous to your health.

Decades ago, non-stick coatings used a a toxic material called PFOA. This material has been banned from use. PTFE is a super common material, which humans could technically take-in in large quantities without harming their health.

Our non-stick coating is safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Material decomposition begins at xy degrees Fahrenheit.

What’s the difference between cookware with a stainless and a cast iron surface?

In fact, cast iron is not a good heat conductor. As our stainless steel is wrapped around a thick central layer of copper which transfers heat around 5 times faster than cast iron. On top, its ability to store heat is comparable to that of cast iron. Therefore Olav pans distribute heat faster and more evenly while they have the same power to ensure that when you drop your T-Bone Steak into the pan, it won’t cool out but has enough power to ensure a crispy surface.

Furthermore, a metal reaction may also lead to a metallic taste being imparted on acidic foods. That’s because the food takes up chemical elements from the cast iron cookware. Our high-grade stainless steel, in contrast, has a material structure that does not react with food.

When you make the switch from cast iron to stainless cookware, keep in mind that the central layer of copper conducts heat so well that medium heat is more than enough to achieve ideal browning. Overheating the pan may cause food and acids to stick to the pan. With regards to maintenance and cleanup, cast iron needs to special treatment. Stainless steel is easy to maintain.

Use your Olav pan

First Use: Should I wash the cookware before using it?

All our products are washed in modern, professional washing facilities before being packaged.

However, please wash your pan in warm water with mild soap before the first use.

Cooking: What settings should be used with pans from Olav?

If you have never cooked with copper before, Olav cookware’s performance may surprise you. Due to the copper, Olav pans perform optimally already at low to medium heat. Due to its superior characteristics, keep the heat lower than you are used to from common cookware. This accounts equally for frying, braising, sautéing and simmering (not boiling, of course).

Cooking: How can I prevent stickiness of the ingredients?

The best way to avoid stickiness of your ingredients is to pre-season and preheat your pan on medium heat. Copper is an excellent material to preheat your pan fast and evenly on low to medium heat.

Shall I season my non-coated pan with its exposed outer layer of stainless steel?

You can season a stainless steel pan to create a naturally occurring non-stickiness.

1.Wash the Olav pan in warm water while using mild dish detergent. Rinse and dry.

2.Coat the interior of the pan with oil. Use your fingers to coat the surface area up to the rim.

3.Heat the pan on medium heat until the oil starts to smoke

4.Let the pan cool down and use a paper towl to remove all excess oil.

5.Maintain the natural seasoning by avoiding to wash your pan with soap

Do you need to cook in a special or different way with our stainless-steel copper pan?

Copper is an amazing heat conductor. It can best play his strength and distribute it evenly on low to medium heat.

How do I know when my pan is hot enough to start cooking?

Sprinkle some water onto your pan. If the drops turn into small water bubbles racing around your cooking surface, you are good to go.

What are the brown spots on my stainless steel pan?

Overheating your pan can cause stainless steel to decolorize. There are special cleaner that help you remove these golden/blue spots. Also food films, if not removed, will cause discoloration it is reheated.

Can I extinguish my hot pan under cold water?

Technically yes. Before production, Olav test pans have undergone several hundred heat shock tests and still remained stable. However, due to the different heat properties of the metals used in our material, you should treat your pan gently. It’s really a piece of luxury.

Can I use steel wool or abrasive cleaners?

Please never use such on our nonstick pans, because it will damage the coating. Even though you won’t technically destroy Olavs non-coated stainless pans, abrasive brushes or cleaners will cause scratches and destroy its beautifully polished optic.

What are these white spots and how do I get rid of them?

Mineral, salt and calcium deposits can cause white spots. Try to avoid them by properly drying your pan after use. There’s a good method to remove the deposits. Add ⅓ cup water and ⅓ cup white vinegar to the pan and warmed the mixture for a few minutes. Then, discard the liquid, wash and dry your Olav pan. Voilá!

How can I avoid and remove pitting spots?

Adding salt or salting water before the Olav pan is hot can cause pitting. In order to remove stains, make the pan wet, springle some baking soda on it and wash and dry the pan properly.

Can I use Olav pans in the dishwasher – also the non-stick pans?

Yes, all our pans were designed for everyday use. However, if you want to treat your Olav pan gently, wash it with your hands. In the dishwasher, we recommend using detergents free of lemon and chlorine additives.

Can I use my Olav pan on a ceramic range?

Yes. In fact, the central layer of copper makes Olav cookware ideal for ceramic ranges.

Which type of tools do you recommend?

Nonstick pans: In order to avoid scratches in your nonstick coating, do not use metal tools in our Olav pan. Use wooden, plastic or silicone tools instead.

Stainless pans: You are free to use whatever you like.


Where can I purchase Olav Cookware?

In order to make our luxury pans affordable, we skip any middle men including the retailer. Therefore, you can purchase Olav products only on our own website.

What payment methods can I use?

We accept most payment methods.
You can pay with paypal, amazon pay, master and visa card or via invoice.
You can also pay in installments through our partner Klarna.

How fast to you send out my order?

We know that you probably can’t wait for your Olav pan to arrive. That’s why we try to dispatch it right on the same day. By the latest, it will be dispatched on the next working day of your order.

Do you ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or U.S. Territories?

Yes, we do. Shipping to these destinations is significantly more expensive for us (between $20 and $80 depending on the volume weight of your order). In order to make our luxury cookware affordable, we work on a very tight margin. Therefore, for orders above $100, any shipping cost up to $10 is on us. Any extra cost associated with non-standard destinations will need to be paid by you. This also applies for any shipping specials we may offer.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, we do.

Europe: Free shipping for any orders above 100 Euro.

United States: Free shipping for order value above $150. Please note that Olav’s fulfillment is currently based in Germany. In order to make our brand more attractive for U.S. customers, we still offer free shipping above a $150 order value. This means that we currently absorb extremely high shipping costs (up to $50). On top, we work with the fastest carriers to provide the best service. Our carriers are able to deliver our pans within up to 3 working days. However, more often than not, delivery is delayed due to custom clearance which is unfortunately out of our hands.

We hope you understand that for order values below $150, we need to pass on a small percentage of the shipping cost. Such orders include a $15 shipping fee.

Worldwide: Non-EU and non-US customers have the same conditions as U.S. customers.

What is your return policy?

As we are currently shipping our products from Germany to the U.S., we already heavily subsidize shipping cost (we charge you $10 whereas shipping really costs us up to $50).
Therefore we hope you understand that currently we cannot offer free returns for customers outside the European Union.

How can I return an item that was delivered damaged?

Our packaging is well constructed and each unit is controlled by our quality control team. However, in case you should still receive a damaged product, we are super sorry. Please contact us immediately under [email protected], fill in our documentation and take a photo of the damaged item. This way, we can make the carrier liable and replace your item at no cost.


What are your essential cooking tips?

We believe that anyone can cook! Just start and do it. You will grow super fast with every meal you cook (while already the first one will probably taste great). And while you may spoil the one or the other dish, it’s really about making the best out of the time you spend in the kitchen, discovering new tastes and starting to live on your desired diet.

Many members of our Olav team just recently started to cook. What they told us was that with every meal you cook, you start to move more freely around the recipe you’re cooking. And that for them, not the final dish, but the time in the kitchen and on the dinner table is what cooking is really about.